Trust Still Requires Action

Sometimes, we can be lazy in faith. 


As difficult as it it can be to trust fully, we tend to misinterpret this trust for the ability to do nothing while expecting God to take care of everything for us. While we should absolutely trust God with our very being, sometimes God asks us to take action, not just wait.  


Discernment is important: should I marry a specific person? Should I apply for that promotion? Should we have children? These are all huge questions that have immense impact, but they should not end simply in thought or cause us to be frozen by indecision. The sole purpose of discernment is to end in decision. Each of those questions results in a distinct answer- even if it's not simple or what we expected. 


Where in my life am I frozen by indecision? What next steps am I being called to? 


Keep moving forward, always asking the Lord to guide your steps; resting where he says to rest (Mark 6:31) but never hesitating to move forward when called to do so. 


Know that im praying for each of you in your journeys. Will you pray for me and mine?