Striving to improve - Encouraging yourself

I just watched a documentary where the main person stated that to improve we must strive to "work on the outer edge of one's competence". This phrase really struck me for a few reasons: the recognition of our own weakness and the insinuation that some level of competence already exists to be improved upon. 

Keeping this in mind, I started thinking back to my own self-improvements in life. How many times have my weaknesses been pointed out to me, been worked on, and become strengths? It seems to be the way I personally improve upon myself, and is a main reason self-reflection is absolutely vital. 


Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to take this time to write myself a note of encouragement. Perhaps this might ring true to you as well:

Don't be afraid of the uncomfortable. The only way to grow is by pushing the boundaries of your own competence. 

What is it that you want to improve upon? How are you already good at this? Start there. Build on this. Try to be patient and not skip steps or build your skill with pieces missing. Always remember: Building a strong foundation is more important than a showy facade. Take the time to establish your foundation. 

Most of all, be open. There are infinite ways life can unfold. Your desires might be different than God's plan for your life, but with openness we can align our desires with His. After all, staying in alignment with God's desire is what will truly bring us peace, joy, and immeasurable happiness anyway.


(Also, just go for it! No more time for fear. You've got this!)