God Is Healer

The Lord is good. The Lord provides exactly what we need. The Lord is generous even when we don't deserve it. 

Especially when we don't deserve it. 

About two years ago, I was being my normal klutzy self and walked head-first into a tree branch. The worst part is that I hit so hard, it caused a concussion. Because of my clumsiness, I had to go see a doctor who (rolled her eyes, but) ordered a CT scan.

-That week, I found out I was pregnant with my youngest.

-I also found out that I had two small fluid-filled cysts in my brain. 

Reeling from this news, I began to consult Dr. Google (who has no bedside manner, by the way). According to everything I researched, there was no real solution aside from monitoring the cysts.  Many people go through surgery to drain them when they become too large and start pressing in on portions of the brain, but there was no known cure, only monitoring. Unfortunately, while pregnant, I retained fluids, causing headaches and intense anxiety as I thought these cysts might have begun to retain fluids as well


Fast forward 1 year. I had my baby (yay!), returned to work, and scheduled my follow up MRI. It was time to track and measure a year's worth of growth. 

Prior to the new testing, our parish had a Healing Service - a monthly event where we enter into prayer through song and break into groups, asking for healing over any physical, emotional, or spiritual needs. I had just attended confession in the days prior, and I felt the Lord asking me to humble myself to receive prayer (though I often simply play music while others are prayed over). When the team huddled around me, laying hands and asking for our Lord's healing power to take over, I felt a physical flowing sensation and warmth on my scalp - almost like something flowing over my brain itself. I couldn't explain it, but in that moment, I knew something incredible had happened.  

About a week later, I was called into the physician's office to discuss the results of my newest scan. With no understanding or reasoning to what happened, there was no sign of any remaining cysts. There wasn't even evidence that the cysts had existed beyond the empty spots where they used to reside. 

God healed me.

He looked on me with love and while not deserving of his healing power, He provided. Every need was met and immense anxiety began to melt away. The Lord has healed me and I know he continues to heal me in much less visible ways.


Know that the Lord desires your healing as well. Know that he hears your prayers.The Lord is kind and merciful - lean into that unending mercy. Don't ever grow weary of asking for the Lord's intercession in your life; He never grows tired of meeting our needs.