Love is not Jealous

Lately my kids have been all about "fairness". They deem my generosity toward another kid as "unfair", while all I'm really trying to do is love on my kids with a few extra M&M's when (I thought) no one was looking. What I found myself telling them is to focus on what they are receiving, not what someone else has received. 

And as I said this, I stopped.

How many times do I look at the gifts others have been given and think, "What about me?" "When do I get to do/have/receive ____?" "When is it my turn?". I can't help but focus on others and how wonderfully they've embraced the gifts God has given them, all the while thinking about why I can't do or have or receive the same. 

What God is continually speaking to my heart is "Shannon, I love you. Don't worry about what I've given them. Are you jealous that I'm being generous with my own children? Look at what I've given you! Find a way to appreciate and grow the talents you've been gifted without fear of someone else's talent. I've always taken care of you, and I always will."


Thanks, God. You've got this; time to let go of my jealous nature and time to embrace and cultivate the gifts you've given me. Love you, dad. Thanks for the gifts.