Giving up and letting go.

 "I forgive you."

There is so much weight to those words.  

Those words speak of a journey, of a past; of a desire for something better, of a desire to let go.  


For me, forgiveness is a key component of Lent. See, Lent is a season of emptiness. Of continuous self reflection and denial so that we can better understand that innate longing for our creator. Forgiveness is quite possibly most vital action we can do to empty ourselves in preparation to receive our Savior.  

There are many things we should be giving up, but not just for 40 days; we should be striving to cut certain tendencies out of our lives completely.  The inability or unwillingness to forgive should be first on our lists. 

Forgiveness is not easily gained; nor is it easily given. But the more we strive to forgive another, the more we come to understand and appreciate the lavish, undeserved, and unrelenting forgiveness of our Father. 

He loves you enough to not just die for you, but to also rise for you. He loves you enough to send his very Spirit to dwell within you. He loves you enough to take on the most humble of forms- the bread and wine-  just for a chance of intimacy and becoming one with you. His closeness is visible, even when it's least tangible. Even in the desert of Lent, his Grace will lead us to the abundance of Easter. 


Who have you been hesitant to forgive? Find it in yourself to be rid of the anger, distress, and bitterness this unwillingness provides. You might find that in giving your forgiveness, you actually receive much more than you initially anticipate.