Breathe: a followup

Have you ever written something and then realized that you had barely scratched the surface?  Ever thought that there was so much more you should have said but didn't? That's how I feel about the blog post from earlier today. 


While it touched on breathing out all those things that we hold inside and breathing in some form of "positivity", it really didn't go into  as much depth that I had hoped for in my own mind. 


See in my mind's eye, the soul breathes like a lung. It must take in that which is of God before it can pour out anything good. If there's anything hindering us from breathing him in, from allowing his Holy Spirit to move within, we are unable to become fully alive. 


Just like a lung needs fresh oxygen so we need to be renewed by the Holy Spirit daily. He moves within us, he breathes within us, he chooses to dwell within us. 


Find that which is blocking our Lord from working within you. Acknowledge that, whatever it may be. Ask the Lord to bind it, break it, and remove it from your life. He desires a freely formed relationship with us, but we all have a choice in this relationship. I pray that you choose to open yourself to breathe him in, let Him work within you, and to allow yourself to simply rest, knowing that everything the Lord does is for our good.  Does this mean that your world will turn out perfect? Of course not. But God is not of the world. His divine nature is only good, and his longing to be united with us tells us that he wants only good for us.  


We all have regrets. We all make mistakes. We all say things that might not fully describe what we intend to say. But the important thing is that we take the time to go back and clarify. To make things as close to right as they can be,  all the while understanding that each action we make has an impact. 


What decisions or actions do you need to go back and clarify with someone or ask forgiveness for? Take time to do that today.