Another person's talent does not diminish your own

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"Iron is sharpened by iron;
one person sharpens another." Psalm 27:17

Iron sharpens iron. Man sharpens man. We learn from and grow from one another. 


WE tend to get so worked up about being the best. 

Each of us has certain talents and abilities. Some things in life, we accomplish well, and other things we genuinely need help with. See, if I'm horrible at doing something, it makes perfect sense for me to ask someone else for advice on how to accomplish that task. Why though, is it so difficult to ask for help doing something I'm "good" at?

I've struggled with pride my whole life. As a child, my parents called it "stubbornness", being "strong-willed", or" overly-independent". In reality, I was simply being prideful - especially in my older years.  I quickly became dependent on my own self and felt spiteful to anyone who helped me when I thought I could "handle it myself" (no matter what it was). This natural tendency started me down the path of feeling competitive with anyone who had a similar skill. 

There are a few issues with being so overtly competitive: primarily, that it doesn't allow me to love the other (think 1 Corinthians 13:4). When I seek to be better than another, rather than work with them toward a common goal, I hinder their growth as well as my own. For it is only by growing with another and learning from them that we are able to improve - not by hindering their growth while seeking my own interests.


Asking for help is humbling. It causes us to admit that we are incapable of doing everything we hoped to do. It can also allow for further reliance on God and on our community. In order to ask for help, I first have to admit that I may not have it all under control, or that another person's idea may be better than my own. That admission doesn't hinder us, but allows us to truly grow. 

See, when we allow others to help us improve, help us sharpen our skills, we can become more of the person we are designed to be. Ultimately, someone else's talent does not diminish your own, rather, the only way to improve is by asking someone better than myself for help.


Do you have a community that builds you up? If not, seek one out. Look for people who have similar interests, but are striving just as hard as you are to improve themselves and their craft.